Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services in Wilmington, Hampstead, Surf City, and All Surrounding Areas

According to research from the Department of Energy and Energy Star, the majority of ductwork systems 10 years and older have about a 20% to 30% air leakage, which translates into higher energy usage. We have found this to be true. Imagine 20% of the air you just paid to condition your home going out into your attic or crawl space. To add insult to injury, duct leakage also contributes to uneven temperatures throughout your home. Pleasant Air Inc. is pleased to provide a very cost effective solution with Aeroseal duct sealing to address this area of concern that can significantly reduce your energy consumption and even out the temperature differences from room to room.

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Thanks to a breakthrough technology developed at the Energy Department’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, such technology exists. Aeroseal LLC, a start-up that licensed the technology, has now made the technology available to thousands of home owners concerned with high utility bills and uncomfortable areas within their homes. This revolutionary energy efficient technology recently won in the home technology category in This Old House magazine’s top 100 Best New Home Products. “Leaky air ducts are responsible for a huge energy loss problem in America and having the Aeroseal solution made available to many homeowners is exciting to see,” said Thomas Baker, building technology editor for the magazine.

How Does It Work:

  • Service techs isolate the heating and cooling equipment and block off all the registers.
  • The duct work is then pressurized to a normal operating pressure.
  • Service techs then inject the aerosolized vinyl polymer particles, of two to 20 micrometers, into this pressurized duct system. The particles stay suspended in the air stream until they reach the leaks, where they are deposited and build up at the leak edges until the leaks are sealed.
  • Specialized software allows both the service techs and the customer to view the process in real time.

Upon completion of the application, a computer generated report is printed out on site. This report shows the leakage before the application and the results after sealing.

  • Aeroseal has won a number of other prestigious awards including the Energy 100 award from the Energy Department and The Best Of Whats New award from Popular Science.
  • Duke Energy Progress offers its customers up to a $100 rebate for the application. Pleasant Air Inc. does all the paperwork for you and Duke Energy Progress will mail the rebate directly to you.
  • Aeroseal has a 10-year warranty and has been tested by an independent laboratory to have a life expectancy of 40 to 45 years.

The Aeroseal Duct Sealing application is a patented breakthrough technology that seals air leaks from the inside of your duct work.

Take a few minutes and view this informative video about Aeroseal and its application.

To date we have performed hundreds of applications. Each has shown excellent results.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary inspection of your duct work to see if you could benefit from this revolutionary application.

If you have areas of your house that are hotter or colder than others, have excess dust or would simply like to lower your energy bills, give us a call today for a free consultation with Jimmy, one of our specialists.

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