Why is My Furnace in Sneads Ferry, NC, Blowing Cold Air?

Furnaces make indoor spaces feel warm and enticing during the colder months of the year in Sneads Ferry, NC. That’s the reason it can be so alarming to realize that yours is blowing cold air into your home. If you notice this happening with your furnace, schedule an inspection right away to resolve the issue:

Your Furnace Isn’t Warming Up

Your furnace should warm up instantly. If your furnace is making you tremble with cold air, it may still be in the process of getting nice and warm. This is a common thing in furnaces that haven’t been on in months.

Note that the cold air blowing shouldn’t last for long. If it does, there may be a bigger issue that requires professional attention.

You Have a Dirty Flame Sensor

It’s crucial to prioritize routine furnace upkeep. If you fail to do so, you may end up with a handful of consequences. A furnace that gives off cold air is one of them. If you’ve ignored maintenance, you may have a flame sensor that’s dirty. This can force your system to release air that feels conspicuously cold. It’s best to seek professional assistance to get to the bottom of the problem.

You Have Overheating Issues

Furnaces generally have safety components that shut burners down as soon as systems start overheating. If you notice air that feels cool blowing out of your vents, overheating could be the reason. Although the burners promptly shut down, the blower doesn’t stop blowing even for a second.

Air filter obstructions are in many cases the reason for frustrating overheating. Call us at Pleasant Air Inc. to make an appointment for professional furnace assistance in Sneads Ferry, NC. Our team of friendly and experienced service techs will find and fix the issue that’s causing your furnace to blow cold air.

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