Why Is My Ductless System in Ogden, NC, Leaking?

Ductless mini-split systems are energy efficient and favored by many homeowners in Ogden, NC. However, these systems might occasionally drip. These are several reasons your ductless mini-split system might leak:

Drain Line Has a Blockage

A drain line with a clog is one of the most common reasons a ductless mini-split system will leak. The drain line carries water that’s inside the indoor drain pan to the outdoor unit. If the drain line is unable to do its job, the water will drip inside the house.

The only way to determine if the drain line is the source of the leak is to perform a thorough inspection. HVAC service techs can check the drain line for any blockages.

Broken Drain Pan

The drain pan can develop rust or cracks that can cause damage. As a result, water inside the drain pan can leak out into your home.

Air Filter Is Dirty

If an abundance of dust and dirt accumulates on an air filter, the filter will become less efficient. As a result, the airflow throughout the system may become insufficient. This can cause the coils inside the unit to freeze and develop frost and ice.

Eventually, the frost and ice will melt off of the coils. Evidence of this is usually water dripping down the wall.

Defrost Control Settings

The defrost control setting on your system can cause the outdoor condenser to leak water. If the outdoor condenser gets too cold and develops ice, the system should heat the coils and melt the ice. The water you see leaking is possibly just ice from the defrosting process.

You won’t know for sure why your ductless system is leaking unless you schedule an inspection. Contact the service techs at Pleasant Air Inc. for assistance with your ductless mini-split system.

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