Why’s Your Commercial HVAC System in Hampstead, NC, Vibrating?

Commercial HVAC equipment has a lot of moving parts that cause vibration and noise when operating. Vibration is the repetitive motion of an object around an equilibrium position, and it can cause wear and tear to your system. Here are the common causes of vibration in your commercial HVAC system and how you can benefit from professional service in Hampstead, NC.

Oversize Compressor or Chiller

Firstly, an oversize compressor can cause excessive vibration in your commercial HVAC system. This may result in additional power requirements and higher utility bills, and it shortens the lifespan of your system. An oversize unit usually short-cycles frequently, while oversize fans and blowers increase the vibration of the equipment.

Inadequate Equipment Supports

Your commercial HVAC system can have vibration issues due to inadequate supports even when sized properly. Having service techs access your equipment will help determine the support equipment required to minimize vibration. Some of the support equipment that the service tech can recommend includes neoprene and fiberglass to minimize vibration from underlying structure and between moving parts.

Poorly Designed Parts

Your air ducts may cause vibration when poorly designed and suffer from high pressure and air speed. You can minimize vibration with smart design choices from qualified service techs. They can install damping pads or spring mounts.

Most rotating components in commercial HVAC equipment produce vibration if the shaft doesn’t align properly. A service tech can analyze your shaft couplings between different pieces of equipment. To minimize vibration, the center lines between shafts should match as closely as possible.

Improperly Positioned Grille

Finally, the grille is a metal cage located on top of the condenser over the fan motor. It may cause vibration when your unit is running and not securely locked. Therefore, you must have it locked.

Pleasant Air Inc. offers high-quality commercial HVAC services including repair and installation. Our highly qualified service techs perform all our work with integrity. Contact us today for all your commercial HVAC solutions. By doing so, you’ll help to boost your business.

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