5 Ways Your Oversized Air Conditioner May Be Costing You Money

It seems like a bigger HVAC system would be ideal for cooling your Ogden, North Carolina, home. But an oversized HVAC system can actually reduce efficiency and cost you more money in the long run. Here are some of the risks you take when you install an oversized air conditioner in your home:


As your oversized air conditioner quickly cools your home, it turns on and off more frequently. This puts excessive wear on the unit. As a result, the system might break down more often and not last as long as it should.

Inconsistent Cooling

Because your oversized air condiitoner isn’t staying on for long periods of time, it may be unable to cool your home evenly. You might try lowering the temperature, but this causes the unit to run longer and results in higher energy bills.

Elevated Humidity

When your system begins short-cycling, you may notice it becomes ineffective at dehumidifying your home’s air. A humid home not only feels uncomfortable but also causes costly moisture damage and encourages biological growth.

Damage to Existing Components

If you replace your old HVAC unit with a system that’s too powerful, you could cause damage to your existing air duct system. As a result, you’ll require expensive repairs.

Higher Energy Bills

HVAC equipment uses the most energy when it starts up. And because your oversized unit is starting up more frequently than a properly sized system, you’ll probably notice higher energy usage and utility bills.

Luckily, thhe HVAC professionals at Pleasant Air Inc. can help you determine the right-sized unit for your needs. Our service technicians will first look at factors like your home’s square footage, heavily used rooms, and the amount of sun and shade each room receives. Then they’ll use this information to identify the best unit to install for efficiently cooling your home. Call us today at 910-208-4518 for your evaluation.

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