4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Airflow in Ogden, NC

Proper airflow improves the efficiency of your HVAC system. It also results in better indoor air quality and ensures an even temperature throughout your home. Read on to learn four ways to increase your home’s airflow in Ogden, NC.

Pay Attention to Air Vents During Your Regular Cleaning Routine

Dirt and debris buildup in your air vents can constrict proper airflow through your home. A damp cloth and a vacuum with a soft brush are the tools needed to tend to your vents during your cleaning routine. After completing your project, check that vents are fully open and unobstructed by furniture or other objects to allow optimal airflow.

Inspect Air Filters for Blockages

Clogged air filters are the most overlooked and easily fixed airflow issues within a home’s HVAC system. Regularly inspecting filters will give you a sense of how often you need to switch them out. Minimally, homeowners should replace filters every 90 days; however, you may need to swap out filters as often as every 30 days when your system works hard during peak heating or cooling seasons.

Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

The ductwork in most homes is not perfect and therefore has at least a few leaks, inviting dust and other debris inside. These pollutants can accumulate, preventing optimal airflow through your HVAC system. A professional with specialized equipment can thoroughly clean your ductwork, improving airflow in your home.

Consider Aeroseal Duct Sealing to Fix Leaks in Your Ductwork

During the aeroseal duct sealing process, a professional injects aerosolized vinyl polymer particles into your ductwork. These particles attach to leak edges and build up until your ductwork is sealed tight from the inside. This process improves airflow by sealing your ductwork, resulting in lower utility bills, higher indoor air quality and consistent climate control in your home.

As a homeowner, cleaning air vents and changing filters this spring areways to increase airflow in your home. However, hiring a professional with specialized equipment is necessary for more complicated HVAC maintenance. Call Pleasant Air Inc. today to have us clean your ductwork or to learn more about duct sealing.

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