3 Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

Is the ductwork inside your Surf City, North Carolina, home dirty? If so, it can reduce your comfort and make inconvenient breakdowns more likely. It can also lead to costly repairs. If you notice lots of dust in your home, have poor indoor air quality or receive higher utility bills, you should have your ducts inspected by a professional.

Lots of Dust

Pollutants in your ductwork, like pollen, pet dander and biological growth, can spread quickly to all the rooms in your home. These contaminants lead to increased dust on your furniture and floors. They also clog your HVAC system’s air filter quicker.

Having your ducts cleaned can keep you comfortable while dusting and vacuuming less. It can also help you avoid unpleasant smells from microorganisms in your ductwork, carpeting, walls or ceilings.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you often feel better when you’re away from home, you could have poor indoor air quality. Contaminants can cause asthma and allergy symptoms and other issues. They can even make getting over colds more difficult.

Pests in your ductwork can make annoying noises and leave smelly droppings. They can also die and start to decay inside your ducts. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will prevent damage and help keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Rising Utility Bills

Dirty ductwork reduces your HVAC system’s airflow and forces it to work harder. As a result, it raises your power bills, increases wear and tear, and shortens your heater and air conditioner’s life. You can conserve energy and prevent these problems with duct cleaning. You should also change your unit’s air filter every few months and have it checked by an expert at least once per year.

Pleasant Air Inc. has decades of duct cleaning experience. We can help you keep your ducts in great condition and increase your indoor air quality. For excellent service, call us anytime at 910-208-4518.

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