4 Signs of Bad Indoor Air Quality in Hampstead, NC

The quality of life your family enjoys partly depends on your home’s air quality. Air pollutants like dust and dirt can negatively impact your IAQ. Here are four signs of poor indoor air quality you need to watch out for in Hampstead, NC:

Respiratory issues

According to a survey done by World Health Organization (WHO), 262 million people had asthma attacks in 2019, which is a high number by any standards. The skyrocketing cases of respiratory diseases have made many people start to think seriously about indoor air quality.

Have you noticed anyone in your home experiencing respiratory issues like chest congestion, coughing or asthma? This could be a serious sign that your IAQ is poor. Installing an whole-home air purifier can help to improve your home’s air quality.

Allergic Reactions

Do you sneeze, cough or have watery eyes when you enter your house? These are allergic reactions indicative of poor IAQ. These allergic reactions occur more often in enclosed places.

Changing your HVAC system’s air filter every month will help to promote better IAQ. Also, invest in whole-home ventilation to allow fresh air inside. By doing so, you’ll exhaust stale air and breathe easier inside your house.

Skin Irritation

Poor IAQ can irritate your skin. The symptoms include skin dryness, peeling or rashes. If you already have a preexisting skin condition, poor indoor air quality may worsen your symptoms. Therefore, it’s vital to improve it.

Frequent Illness

Finally, if your family frequently exhibits cold and flu-like symptoms, it could be a sign of poor IAQ. These are airborne illnesses that can rapidly spread if the IAQ isn’t good

You need to put your indoor air quality in check to improve the health of your family. Contact Pleasant Air Inc. to invest in our indoor air quality services, including duct cleaning and duct sealing. By doing so, you’ll take a significant take toward enjoying better IAQ.

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