4 Reasons Your Heat Pump in Ogden, NC, Blows Cool Air in Heating Mode

It can be frustrating when your heat pump isn’t heating your home in the middle of winter. Your system may have problems with settings or internal components. Here are four reasons heat pumps in Ogden, NC, blow cool air in heating mode:

Feels Cooler Than It Actually Is

Heat pumps utilize refrigerant to absorb heat energy outside and transfer it indoors. The warm air from the heat pump is usually 90 degrees.

Additionally, the warm air from the heat pump is lower than your body temperature. As such, it may feel cold when you place your hand on the vents.

Check the thermostat half an hour after you turn on the heat pump. At temperatures of 85 to 90 degrees, it’s capable of heating your home through the winter.

On the Defrost Cycle

Another problem is that your system is on defrost mode. Heat pumps can activate a defrost cycle to prevent the buildup of ice on the outdoor unit.

If it’s on cooling mode, you can change the settings back to heating. However, your heat pump will have to complete the defrost cycle before it can heat again. The system needs to defrost to prevent ice from damaging your outdoor unit.

Frost Buildup on Outdoor Unit

It’s also possible that there’s frost buildup on the outdoor unit. Your system can switch to cooling temporarily to thaw the ice.

However, if your heat pump has been overworking, it may not melt the ice effectively. You may want to consult a certified service tech to troubleshoot your system.

Faulty System

Another reason your system isn’t producing warm air is malfunctioning components. It may have a defective reversing valve. When it’s faulty, your system cannot switch back and forth from cooling to heating.

Heat pumps can provide efficient and reliable heating, but they require proper care. Call Pleasant Air Inc. for quality heating services in Ogden.

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