How Spring AC Maintenance Saves Money in Hampstead, NC

During the springtime, an air conditioner may substantially increase energy costs. Sometimes, a dirty condenser can increase the temperature of the air, decrease the durability of the coils and reduce the flow of refrigerant. Spring AC maintenance will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner in Hampstead, NC. As a result, you’ll decrease energy costs.

Inspecting the Condenser and Cleaning the Components

While the compressor is cooling the air, the condenser can quickly release the warm air. Therefore, the component will substantially reduce the temperature within the air conditioner. Sometimes, dust may accumulate on the condenser. It could decrease the efficiency of the condenser, affect the coils and increase energy costs.

Examining the Motor and the Bearings

The air conditioner contains a motor that will regulate the speed of the fan. The system also has bearings that could stabilize the fan. After our service techs inspect the air conditioner, they can examine the level of oil within it. The lubricant may prevent premature wear, and the grease could increase the durability of the bearings. As a result, you’ll improve cooling efficiency and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Replacing the Filter

If an air conditioner contains a dirty filter, the component may reduce the flow of air, increase the temperature of the room and decrease the efficiency of the motor. You could purchase a premium filter that will improve energy efficiency. The new filter may reduce energy costs by up to 20%.

Schedule AC Maintenance Today

Once you schedule an appointment, our representatives can provide affordable services, multiple discounts and helpful guidelines. We’ll complete spring AC maintenance that will reduce energy costs, improve the efficiency of the condenser, decrease the costs of repairs and increase the durability of multiple components. If your air conditioner requires maintenance, call us at Pleasant Air Inc. today so that our experts can inspect your AC system.

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