Duke Energy Progress Recognizes Leaky Ductwork

Duke Energy Progress recognizes leaky ductwork as a “Hidden Energy Waster”. 

In a recent mailer to all of it’s customers, Duke Energy Progress asks the question, “How much money is escaping your house each month through drafty windows and doors, leaky ductwork and other hidden energy wasters?”

It goes on to state that “10-20% of your heating and cooling bill could be escaping through air leaks.”

The tape and mastic used to seal the ductwork has about a ten year life cycle. It has a tendency to dry up which creates leaks in your ductwork. These leaks can create a source of air escaping or unwanted and almost always unhealthy air to enter your ductwork from unconditioned attics or crawl spaces. Excessive dust is another concern of leaky ductwork.

Resealing these leaks is labor intensive and can be very costly. Another concern with manually sealing your ductwork is that not all leaks are accessible.

Pleasant Air has recognized this area of concern for many years. A little over 4 years ago we became aware of a revolutionary patented process to effectively seal ductwork.

It is called Aeroseal. 

The application seals the ductwork from the inside with the process performed and monitored with a computer. For a detailed understanding of how the application works click here.

With the finding of this new application, we have developed a program of testing existing ductwork systems to determine if they require sealing. The testing includes scanning the ductwork with an infrared gun and measuring the airflow at each register with a metering devise. All register measurements are in cfms. The cfms are totaled and compared to the equipment rating. We know that a ton of cooling equals 400 cfms. For example, a 3 ton system equals 1200 cfms (400 x 3). Therefore if the total measurements are 900, then there is a 25% loss through leaks in the ductwork.

The Dept. of Energy and Energy Star recognizes Aeroseal as one of the top 25 energy savers to come along this century.

Duke Energy Progress offers up to a $100.00 rebate for the Aeroseal application. Pleasant Air does all the paper work for the rebate and Duke Energy Progress mails the rebate directly to you.

Call us today at 910-208-4518 to schedule a complimentary inspection or you may reach us through our contact page. Simply click on Request info for an Aeroseal Duct Sealing Application.












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