Don’t Attempt a DIY Heat Pump Installation in Sneads Ferry, NC

You may have purchased a new heat pump for your Sneads Ferry, NC, home and considered installing it by yourself. This isn’t a good idea unless you’re an HVAC professional. Here are the reasons to avoid DIY heat pump installation:

Potential Danger

Your heat pump contains multiple electrical components. If you decide to install it on your own, you’re putting yourself at risk of electric shock.

A heat pump uses a refrigerant to regulate your indoor temperatures. This fluid may harm your health if you come in contact with it, and it’s hazardous for the environment.

On the other hand, our professional service technicians understand how to handle your unit’s electrical connections and fluids. They come with years of experience cand can complete the task without putting you or your family members in danger.

Wrong Tools

Installing a heat pump isn’t as simple as putting it where it needs to go and then screwing in a few items; heat pumps require specialized equipment for proper installation. Using the wrong tools can result in damage to your system and could even result in injury if you misuse them.

Voided Warranties

Your heat pump’s warranty has a variety of terms and conditions you must follow, one of which is almost always that only professional HVAC service technicians should perform maintenance and repair of your unit. A voided warranty can lead to you spending money on a new pump — money that you could have saved instead.

Extra Time and Stress

You may have observed a professional service technician working and assumed you could complete the task by yourself. While you may not have worked on a heat pump before, our professional service technicians have worked on multiple units; hence the job is relatively easy for them. On the other hand, it may take longer for you to get the heat pump up and running, leading to wasted time and less comfort as you work.

Instead of putting yourself at risk, consider contacting Pleasant Air Inc. for professional HVAC services. We’ll install your unit professionally, restoring your family’s comfort in the shortest time possible.

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