5 Benefits of Packaged HVAC Systems in Wilmington, NC

Maintaining a comfortable living environment in your home depends on your HVAC system functioning properly. Since the climate in Wilmington, NC, consists of hot summers and relatively mild winters, a packaged HVAC system might be the right solution for your heating and cooling needs. Below are five benefits of packaged HVAC systems.

Space-Saving Design

The first benefit is that they’re compact. In contrast to split systems having indoor and outdoor units, packaged heating and cooling systems contain all the components in one cabinet, usually placed outside the house or on the roof.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Packaged heating and cooling systems are easy to install and maintain because they’re pre-assembled. Since all the components come integrated into one assembly, our service techs can reach them easily.

Energy Efficiency

Most packaged HVAC systems are ENERGY-STAR-qualified, which means they conform to the energy efficiency standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Selecting an energy-efficient model will help you save money on your monthly utility bills and minimize your impact on the environment.


Packaged HVAC systems are available in different types depending on the climate requirements and your preferences. These include packaged heat pumps for moderate climates, packaged air conditioners for warm climates, packaged gas and electric or dual-fuel systems for colder climates.

Cost-Effective Solution

Besides the energy efficiency, another advantage of packaged HVAC systems is that they’re generally less expensive than traditional systems at the initial stage. If any repairs are necessary in the future, they can cost less. A professional can help you compare the installation, repair and maintenance costs of various systems.

If you’re considering getting a new HVAC system for your home, keep the advantages of a packaged model in mind. Contact our service techs at Pleasant Air Inc. for quality HVAC installation services in and around Wilmington, NC.

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