Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation in Your Home

Given the mild temperatures in Surf City, North Carolina, more homeowners are switching to heat pumps. If you’re a new homeowner looking for an efficient HVAC system, or if you’re replacing your current unit, consider these reasons for a heat pump installation.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Similar to a standard HVAC system, a heat pump circulates refrigerant between two coils. This creates what’s known as heat exchange — moving warm air from one location to another. But a heat pump has a reversing valve that switches the direction of heat exchange. This adjustment changes the functionality of your heat pump from heating to cooling and vice versa.

Heat Pumps Increase Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are typically less expensive to run than other heating sources, such as furnaces. They only use energy to move the air as opposed to heating it. As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars every year by switching from a traditional furnace to a heat pump.

Heat Pumps Improve Heating and Cooling Functionality

In addition to reducing your monthly energy costs, one of the best reasons to consider a heat pump installation is its ability to warm and cool your home all year long. Although heat pumps may struggle when temperatures are below freezing, that’s rarely a concern in North Carolina’s relatively mild winter climate.

Heat Pumps Decrease the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A heat pump installation is also a good choice for people who prefer not to use natural gas to heat their home. Since heat pumps only transfer air from one location to another, there’s never any emission of toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide.

For climates with only moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps are the perfect energy-efficient alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Contact Pleasant Air Inc. at 910-490-0541 to learn more about our selection of quality heat pumps from Trane. We’re here to help you maximize your comfort, no matter the time of year.

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