Avoid These 5 Smart Thermostat Mistakes in Wilmington, NC

Smart thermostats are an excellent investment for any homeowner looking to save on energy bills while maintaining a comfortable temperature in their home. However, many people make mistakes with their smart thermostats that can lead to decreased efficiency. Here are five mistakes you should avoid making with your smart thermostat in Wilmington, NC:

Not Programming Your Thermostat

The ability to set a smart thermostat to change the temperature in your house according to your schedule is one of its key benefits. Your thermostat cannot optimize your energy use if you don’t program it. When you’re away or asleep, set your thermostat to a lower or higher setting depending on the season. When you’re home, do the opposite to maximize comfort.

Ignoring Sensor Placement

A smart thermostat has sensors that can measure the room’s temperature. The thermostat won’t properly function if you place the sensor in a location that doesn’t accurately reflect the temperature of the rest of the house. Position the thermostat in the center of the house to precisely gauge the temperature throughout the building to prevent this issue.

Not Integrating With Other Smart Devices

Your smart speakers, smart locks and smart lighting can seamlessly interact with your smart thermostat. You may build a smart home ecosystem that optimizes energy use and improves your quality of life by integrating your devices. Take advantage of this by syncing other smart home appliances with your smart thermostat.

Disabling Learning Features

Many smart thermostats have learning features that can automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your habits and preferences. By disabling these features, you’re missing out on optimizing your energy usage. Let your thermostat learn your habits and preferences to maximize its efficiency.

Forgetting to Update Your Thermostat

Monthly updates are required to keep your smart thermostat operating at peak efficiency. Frequently check for updates and install them immediately. You can also schedule routine maintenance visits to ensure its efficiency.

Our service techs are NATE-certified and can answer any questions about smart thermostats. Contact Pleasant Air Inc. to install a smart thermostat in your home to optimize your energy use.

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