Aeroseal Comfort Video

Do you have rooms that are too hot or too cold? If so, we are finding that you share a very common problem with many others.

The Department of Energy has stated that most homes with duct work that is over ten years old has between 25 and 40% air leakage. This is mainly due to the tape and or mastic used originally has dried and cracked. We have found this to be very true.

Properly designed duct work functions under an internal static pressure. It is important that this pressure is common through out your entire system. When your duct work is leaking, it reduces the static pressure in certain areas and adversely affects the proper distribution of air, resulting in having some areas of your home to be colder or hotter than others.

Why is this important to know? Let’s say that you have a high efficiency unit installed and your ductwork is leaking about 25% into your attic or crawl space. Your system efficiency has been comprised and you are paying to condition your attic or crawl space.

Properly resealing your duct work manually is labor intensive and you may not be able to access all the areas that need attention. Pleasant Air utilizes a patented application process that seals your leaky ductwork from the inside of the ductwork. It is called Aeroseal.

We have performed over 110 duct sealing applications to date. Each one has shown positive results in improved comfort, cleaner indoor air and energy savings. Read all about how it works by clicking here.

Call us today at 910.208-4518 or reach us through our contact page to schedule your complimentary ductwork inspection.

Your inspection includes the following:

  • Visual inspection
  • Measure the air flow at each register.
  • Measure the temperature at each register.
  • Scan the ductwork with an infrared monitor.
  • Inserting a video camera into the duct work.
  • Entering all measurements into a computer program and emailing you the results.
  • Please allow about an hour for this inspection.

View Aeroseal Comfort Video

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