Adopt These Habits in Your Home to Live a Healthier Life

Eating right and exercising are essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. But they aren’t the only pieces to the puzzle. Living a healthy life also means making sure your indoor air quality isn’t harming you. Unfortunately, most homeowners in Hampstead, North Carolina, don’t focus on this part of healthy living. Here are four habits that will help:

Change the Air Filter Seasonally

You don’t have to be a trained service technician to change an air filter. Every homeowner can do it. Your HVAC system’s air filter helps prevent poor indoor air quality by trapping harmful particles before they get the chance to circulate in your home. A dirty filter can’t do that. Get in the habit of changing yours every 30 to 90 days.

Keep Houseplants Around Your Home

NASA’s Clean Air study in 1989 taught homeowners that some houseplants are effective at eliminating toxic agents from their homes. When placed around your home properly, their foliage and roots can absorb certain volatile organic compounds in small amounts. The best plants for this include English ivy, peace lily, snake plant and chrysanthemum.

Tell Your Guests to Smoke Outside

Do you smoke? We hope not! At this point, everyone knows that cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals. Even exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke comes with health risks. If you or your guests like to take a puff indoors, it’s time to stop. If you’ve tried and failed, at the very least you should make it a habit to smoke outside.

Maintain a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your home weekly should already be a habit. But if it’s not, take this time to make it one. Designate one day of the week for cleaning, and spend a few hours dusting, vacuuming and mopping your home. If you suffer from allergies, remember to also wash all bedding and clothing in hot water every week, too. This will help ease symptoms.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance every spring and fall is another healthy habit you should adopt. Doing so will lower your energy costs and reduce your risk for repairs. Contact Pleasant Air Inc. at 910-208-4518 to learn more.

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