The Perfect Dehumidifier For Your Crawlspace

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The Perfect Dehumidifier For Your Crawlspace

Is your duct work sweating in your crawlspace? If so, you may benefit from a dehumidifier.

With the high humidity that we have, this is a breeding ground for mold and other unhealthy growth.

We have partnered up with Seaira Global in Surf City, NC. who manufactures Watchdog Dehumidifiers.

Crawlspace Dehumidifier

3 sizes are currently available. All have reusable filters. Their range of relative humidity is from 35-95%.

All Watchdog Models Include The Following Features:

  • Digital Display
  • Temp. Controlled Defrost
  • Inlet Or Outlet Ducting
  • Rugged Exterior Shell
  • Hot Gas Bypass
  • Auto Restart
  • Energy Star® Listed

In most other dehumidifiers, the refrigerant coil will freeze occasionally. After a series of freezing and thawing, refrigerant leaks are a result. More often than not, they are not repairable.

The hot gas bypass feature in the Watchdog series assures that the refrigerant coil will not freeze up thus extending the working life of the equipment.

Call us today at 910.270.3934 or contact us here to schedule your complimentary inspection to see if you can benefit from dehumidifying your crawlspace.

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