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How Often Should I Change My Air Filters

Pleasant Air Wow. This could easily be the #1 question of all time and the answers you may have received in the past, were probably something like: once a month, once every three months or even longer in between, with a certain type of air filter.

While those people were well intentioned, and that answer was probably correct in most situations, the fact of the matter is this: There is no common time frame that meets or serves the needs of all homes and lifestyles, especially when you are using a basic air filter.

You can start by checking your filter after one month. If its dirty then replace it. If not, then check it again in 2 weeks. Continue this process until your filter needs replaced. Use this as a guide as to just how often that you will need to install a new filter.

You may have a pet that just can’t wait until tomorrow let alone next month, to share a little more of their furry coat with you.

There are a number of types available from basic fiberglass to high density pollen and allergy filters. Sometimes the higher density filters may restrict the air flow that your system needs to properly operate and may cause unhealthy conditions within your home. One early indicator of this could be an increase in your energy bill.

If you have health related issues that require you to have a special filtration system call us today to schedule a complimentary evaluation.

Pleasant Air specializes in providing you with an air filtration system that will best suit your needs and assure you of a healthier indoor environment.

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Pleasant Air Offers Tranes Current Financing Offer

Tranes Current Financing OfferFull Service Heating & Cooling

Through summer storms or blizzard conditions, nothing stops a reliable and efficient Trane® contractor like us from keeping you comfortable all year long. Now is the right time to upgrade your old system or repair your existing system to be ready for any season.

routine maintenance, system servicing, emergency assistance

If your equipment isn’t working properly, you need a qualified service tech to diagnose and repair your air conditioner. Sometimes, your system just needs to be cleaned and checked over. If there is a problem, it’s always better to fix it sooner rather than wait when it could be a larger more expensive problem to fix. We offer ac repair and heating repair services in your local area for any make or model of HVAC systems.

Click here to view terms and apply for financing.

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary estimate.

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Spot Festival 2017

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spot festival 2017

This years Spot Festival will be held on September 23rd and 24th. It will be at the same location as previous years, 14223 U.S. 17, Hampstead, North Carolina. It kicks off at 9am on Saturday and closes at 5pm on Sunday. Admission is $3.00.

Featured bands at the festival will be The Carolina Band, Chillin Dixie and Band of Oz.

Activities include Bungee jumps, a rock wall, blow up rides, pony and camel rides and gem mining. Fireworks by Zambellis will be at 9pm on Saturday.

Spot dinners will be served up at 11am – Enjoy!

For a complete schedule you may visit their website at



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Write A Review

If you are pleased with our service for you we would appreciate you clicking on this link Write A Review and leaving your remark. (5 Stars would be nice) On your desktop you will find the Write a review box in the upper right corner of the page. On your mobile device you may click on “reviews” found under the Pleasant Air logo.

If for any reason we have disappointed you, please call us at 910.270.3934 and we will do what is right by you. We truly value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to be your preferred HVAC service provider. As we are always looking on ways to improve, we appreciate your feedback.


Bryant Crawford


Pleasant Air Inc.

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Proper Sizing Is Extremely Important When It Comes To Your HVAC System – Bigger Is Not Better

Bigger Is Not Always Better

  • Over sized systems also use more fan power for the blower and often exhibit more duct leakage due to high operating duct pressure.  Finally, over sized air conditioners and heat pumps greatly aggravate the summer utility peak demand on hot days.

Use the right contractor

  • Beware of casual sizing estimates based solely on an old school formula of “dividing the square footage of your home by a number to obtain tonnage”.  The residential equipment sizing procedures recommended for use in the United States are found in Manual J, which is produced by the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America (ACCA). Computer programs are available to simplify the load calculations specified by Manual J.  Once the heating and cooling loads are known, Pleasant Air will then select compatible equipment for you.
  • Unfortunately, ACCA approved sizing methods are often not used and over sizing is very common. In one large-scale survey, nearly 40 percent of contractors indicated that they purposefully over-sized equipment, citing reason such as “to reduce call backs”, “to allow future expansion”, or “customers demanded it”.

Sizing and Efficiency Go Hand In Hand

  • Manual J procedures determine the design and heating and cooling loads based on the amount of wall, ceiling, window and floor area, their insulation value, and the building envelope and duct leakage.  Building orientation, roof surface color and occupancy can also make a difference.  The sizing calculations for new construction should take into account the various efficiency measures incorporated in the home.  As a home’s efficiency is improved, the recommended size of the HVAC system should be reduced.
  • Pleasant Air Inc. has a team of individuals who are certified in all Manual J procedures and have years of experience in properly sizing the Heating and Cooling needs of your home.

How To Determine the right size for your home

  • Insist that documented sizing calculations be performed on your home using the ACCA Manual J procedure. ACCA methods have sufficient built-in safety factors to accommodate most air conditioning needs.  Therefore, it is important to follow all instructions in Manual J using precise area measurements and other specific data.
  • Be aware that exaggerating temperatures for indoor heating and cooling set points can have large impacts on required equipment sizing. Generally, Manual J recommends 75 degrees for cooling and 70 degrees for heating.
  • Select a programmable thermostat so that your home can be conditioned before you arrive, thus avoiding the temptation to over-size equipment for rapid cool-downs or warm-ups. This will improve sizing-related performance and potentially save energy associated with more reliable thermostats.
  • Select variable speed air handlers to gain important advantages for both humid and dry climates. In humid climates, many variable speed systems “ramp up” blowers slowly, providing energy savings and improved dehumidification.

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